CHG Publishing LTD specialises in digital downloadable publications and websites with a particular type of methodology used in setting up each publication. We are global and can publish content from anywhere and about anything. Our digital publications usually come in downloadable PDF format using a scheme where advertising within each publication or website pays for the costs of producing each one in turn. Which means that ultimately, the end user, the reader of your publication, gets to download it for free.

Your publication can be about any subject and can be a magazine, a book, a website, or a combination of these.

You retain control over your publication, whilst we provide you with a publishing outlet package that includes a website and other essential supports. All we ask you to do is to allow us to handle your advertising revenues, from which we pay you a percentage.

To discuss a proposal, please contact us via the “Contact” page in the menu above. Thank you, and we look forward to dealing with your enquiry!