For any boy who is interested in Motorsport, getting started is often a dream that is out of the reach of most except the lucky few. Motorsport does cost a lot of money to get involved with, you rely on sponsorship and a lot of luck, together with the support of your friends and family. But the idea of hurtling around a race track at speed, despite the fact that doing that alone would alarm most parents, appeals to boys like Lucca Allen, who is from Ireland, and who has his eyes very firmly set on making it all the way to the top – as in becoming a Formula One driver.

BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE got in touch with 14 year old Lucca, who during 2016 continues to enjoy success in the local Karting scene. Lucca is the youngest son of Rachel Allen, who is a well known celebrity chef in Ireland, having written several cookery books and presented on television too. The Allen family are all involved in the cookery or restaurant trade, having set up the Ballymaloe brand some years ago. Here is what Lucca has to say:

Name: Lucca Allen.

Year of birth: 2002.

Month of birth: June.

Current height: 5f 10’’.

Current waist size: 28’’.

Current weight: 59kg.

What age were you when you took part in your very first competitive motor race?

I was 9 years old when I first started racing Cadet karts.

What age were you when you won your first competitive motor race?

I think I was 10 or 11 when I got my first win in my second year racing. I was 12 when I won my first national championship.

What age were you when you first drove a car of any sort and what type of car was it?

I live on a farm so I started driving the lawnmower and small tractors from quite a young age. When I was 10 I got an old Hyundai i30 for a couple of hundred pounds which I used to race around the fields. 

Have you ever suffered from any serious bullying or banter from other children as a result of being a well known young motorsports star?

Fortunately no, but of course there is always a bit of friendly but sometimes heated rivalry at the track at race weekends!! But of course we all shake hands at the end of the weekend and look forward to the next meeting.

What would you say to any other boy out there who seriously wants to get involved with motorsports but does not really know how to do so?

Karting is really the only place to start if you are younger than 15. I would suggest you do the same as I did which was to buy a cheap second kart that’s just good enough to race and if you like it and decide to continue you can slowly start upgrading it bit by bit with a newer engine, chassis etc until you have a competitive race winning kart. Having a Dad or uncle who knows a bit about mechanics is also a great help and can keep costs down a bit.

Who are your Motorsport heroes, for example Formula One stars, etc?

For me anyone that gets to formula one is a hero. All 22 drivers on the grid are world class but one of my favourites from the past would have to be Eddie Irvine, great character and an amazing driver.

Name any other well known Motorsport people that you have actually met?

I met Mika Hakkinen at Nice airport once. I got his autograph after I nervously walked up and greeted myself!

Where do you get your racing suit from, and are you at the stage yet where you have to wear protective flameproof underwear?

FreeM Italia or Sparco! In karting we don’t need to wear any flameproof under clothing. 

Tell our readers about all the different parts of your racing suit including all protection aids that you wear?

A well made suit will always fit you better and can make a big difference to your comfort in the car, it’s worth spending a little extra on a good suite. The dense material that the suits are made from make them almost impossible to tear and you then have extra padding on venerable areas like knees, elbows and shoulders. I also wear a separate solid rib protector under my suit. 

Tell our readers about how you managed to get sponsorship, and how any other boys who wants to get involved in motorsports might be able to obtain sponsorship?

Getting sponsorship is not only about how you preform on track but it depends on your social behaviour, how you present yourself and your character also! I try my best to be always smiling and be good representative for my sponsors. Luckily a few of my sponsors come from our family businesses! . There is a great on line sponsorship course by a guy called Brian Sims you can buy for about £115. I’ve found that really helpful. You will find it at .

Your Mother is a well known celebrity chef, so obviously your diet is spot on. This will bode well for your future plans to get into Formula One, you would agree?

Absolutely, even at the stage I’m at, at the moment it’s incredible how seriously everyone takes fitness and nutrition. If you can’t to compete at your peek for the whole weekend you simply have to be super fit and super healthy 

What is your favourite dish as prepared by your Mother?

A nice juicy Sirloin steak with Bearnaise sauce. And see my recipe for my home made burger with Ballymaloe relish – it’s really nice!

You are hoping to progress to Formula One via Ginetta Juniors, and which other series, Formula MSA and others (please name)?

Yes, Ginetta seems to be the perfect steeping stone to the bigger single seater formulas. So after a year or two in Ginettas I would hope to be racing MSA Formula Ford (or Formula 4) onto F3 then onto GP2. There are many different paths but that seems to be the most common! Or I might jump straight to Formula 4 next year when I turn 15 as that is the minimum age for that particular single-seater class.

So you could become Ireland’s next Formula One star before you leave your teenage years? Will you be able to cope with the fame and fortune that comes with that?

If I do make it to Formula 1, I reckon I’ll be able to cope with anything. Especially  the fame and fortune. 

In terms of your fashion likes, what brand names do you like wearing?

For casual occasions I like to shop in TOPMAN or River Island for clothes and Footlocker or JD for shoes. But if I need something smart to wear Brown Thomas have a great selection of designer brands! (Editor’s note: for those that are not from Ireland, Brown Thomas is a high street department store stocking multiple designer brands!).

So Lucca is very much hoping to follow in the footsteps of other boys who are on similar pathways to fame and fortune, the most recent and well known of which would have to be Max Verstappen, the 18 year old Dutch Formula One superstar who not only became the youngest ever person to be given a seat in that Formula, but who became the youngest ever winner of an F1 race by winning the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016!

The latest news about Lucca Allen is that he will be racing in Formula F4 in the United Kingdom from July 2017, coverage of which will be on UK television channel ITV4 (which is available online).

BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE wishes Lucca all the very best in his future career, and we hope to be able to catch up with him in later issues as he makes progress through the ranks. We also hope to feature other Motorsport boys as time progresses, and we hope that this article has inspired any other boys who would like to get involved in Motorsport!

Lucca’s Beef Burger with Ballymaloe Relish

 Serves 4 – 6 people

• 15g butter

• 450g minced beef

• 110g chopped onions

• 2 tbsp Ballymaloe Country Relish

• Salt and freshly ground pepper

• 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves, chopped

• 1 egg, beaten (ideally free range)

• 55g flour, seasoned

• Olive oil for frying

Melt the butter in a pan, add the onions, cover and sweat until soft. Allow to cool and then mix in a bowl with all the other ingredients. Cook a little of the mixture in a pan and taste to check seasoning. Shape into burgers and toss in seasoned flour, patting off excess. Fry at a medium heat, turning as required until fully cooked.

Serve on a toasted bun with cheese shavings, lettuce and a dollop of Ballymaloe Relish. Delicious!