Being an actor or a model can be great fun for any boy of any age. You can make money out of it or simply enjoy the experiences it can bring. And in later life you can choose to be a full time professional actor or just be a casual jobbing part-time model. BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE spoke to two of the world’s current finest actors/models to get their take on things….

Name: Kaiden Scott

Current height: 5’0″

Current waist size: 24″

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Angel Food Cake

So you have already had a lot of acting experiences. Tell us about this, which ones have been your favourites?

I started when I was eight years old and I’m eleven years old now. I loved pretending when I was little and my parents encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. We were getting birthday pictures and the photographer said “Have you ever considered being an actor?” My parents said “Do you want to give it a try?” I said “Sure! Shortly after I signed with my first agency, Heyman Talent.” 

I’ve done a lot of student films, one of them was called One Stop Shop. It was a lot of fun because it filmed in the Village Ice Cream Parlor. I got to eat a lot of candy and it was the store where movies were made like Milk Money with Melanie Griffith. 

I was only in one scene of the movie Dormant but it was an investigation scene so it was really fun. I also really had fun in the movie Cecil, even though I had to play a bully. I got to ride my bike and I made a lot of new friends.

What advice would you give to any other budding boy actors?

When it’s tough, just stay with it. Go for what you believe in and stay following your dreams. There are ups and downs, but for the most part it’s pretty fun. You can’t quit, because you never know if the next big thing is just around the corner. 

Even if you have a natural gift, you still need to run lines and work hard so you don’t mess up in the audition. You want to be able to deliver your lines naturally and be believable. Get some coaching and don’t settle because you need a coach that works with you and helps you feel comfortable with your training.

How versatile an actor do you think you can be, for example if a script contains something that is really random or off the wall would you still be able to do it?

I can do anything they throw at me, but I definitely love comedy best. It comes really easily to me, because I love making people laugh. I can do drama, though. I can do anything if I work hard at it and do my best. I can’t wait to start the new crime drama, SINS. 

You also have model looks. What brands of fashion do you like wearing or is it a case of you will wear anything?

I am super casual – t-shirt and shorts. If I dress up, I really like Helix jeans for the way they fit and they look great. I also like skater clothes, like DC, Hurley and Tony Hawk. I prefer living in my flipflops, though. If I’m comfortable, I’m happy and can focus on the job not my clothes.

Have you ever experienced bullying in relation to your acting career and the success you have already had to date? If so what type of bullying has it been and how has it affected you. What do you think of those bullies?

Of course I have! Well, it was before I was professionally acting. I was in public school and was in a great Magnet school for art and music. In second grade, though there was a boy that would push me into the wall and land on me on purpose on the carpet at circle time. They pulled my feet out from me when I was going up the slides. My mom talked to my teacher, my principal and the school board. The teacher ended up quitting because she didn’t feel she could keep her class safe. The principal asked what I did to provoke them. The board just said I could change classrooms. So my moms decided to homeschool me. That has made it a lot easier to act, because I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and I never miss school to act. 

If you have been bullied or are being bullied, keep your chin up. It gets better. Make sure you don’t ever give up. 

Name: Swann Nambotin

Year of birth: 2002

Place of birth: Revonnas, France

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Pizza

Swann Nambotin is now 14 and has come to the attention of millions of television viewers through his portrayal of the character Victor in the multi-award winning French television drama series called Les Revenants (The Returned). Prior to that he was cast in the remake of one of the best children’s movies of all time – War of the Buttons.

Being in high demand Swann was too busy to answer our usual set of questions but he did agree to allow BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE to publish a set photograph along with some details about his role in the series and his plans for the future, which ultimately include playing a major role in a movie franchise. He does admit to be quite surprised by the level of interest in him since the series went live – he has become something of a major celebrity throughout France and the entire world.

The novelist Stephen King has been quoted as saying that Swann Nambotin is one of the very best child actors, not only of the here and now, but of all time. Taking all that on board when you are only 12 was something Swann found difficult initially but he says he has got used to it now, and can handle the fame and fortune quite well nowadays. Not that he gets to spend much – it is all controlled by his family until he turns 18!

Swann has got advice for any boy who wants to make it into the movie or television industry – work hard and never be afraid to do exactly what it says in the script – follow this advice and you will be able and ready for anything. He says that there was one scene where he had to appear wearing very little, that took some getting used to but once he tried it he found it easy from then on. The only problem was that it was a very cold day when that particular scene was shot and he found it difficult keeping warm!

One final thing that Swann says you have to get used to is seeing your face on billboards, DVD covers, magazine articles and television guides everywhere. That can be daunting to start off with but then becomes second nature as time goes on. Nowadays he doesn’t even notice most of the media attention – it just passes him by. But he has found people waiting for him when he does simple things like going to school or doing shopping with his family at the local hypermarket – but he says he doesn’t really mind interacting with fans so long as they don’t stalk him back to his house.