The game of Cricket originates from the UK, where it is still very popular today, and it is also popular in various other parts of the world as well. On the small island of Jersey, which is located off the north coast of France, a 15 year old schoolboy was recently selected to play for the island’s National Cricket Team. We asked Harrison Carlyon to talk about his involvement with this most interesting form of sport…

Name: Harrison Carlyon

Year of birth: 2001

Month of birth: January

Place of birth: Jersey (Channel Islands)

Current height: 5ft 9in

Current weight: 9 1/2 stone

Waist size: 30

Favourite colour: Red 

Favourite food: Pasta 

Age when you first officially played cricket:

8 years old (Jersey Under 10’s)

How did you get involved with cricket?:

I first got into cricket through my dad who played for Jersey for many years.

Explain the basics of cricket for those that do not know?:

Basically, cricket is a game played on a pitch that is 22 yards long, you have 11 players in either side, one team will field whilst the other team bats, a bowler will bowl to one of the two batsman from the batting team and they will try to hit the ball and stop the bowler getting them out, if they hit it the batsman can choose to run as many times as they can (unless it goes over the boundary line which mean’s it’s a boundary) before the fielders get the ball back to the stumps or catch them if they hit it in the air.

You are presumably hoping to become a full time professional cricketer in the near future?:

Yes, that is the goal, at the minute I’m involved with Sussex County Cricket junior set up so if all goes well that has the ability to lead me towards the professional side of the game. 

Do you play cricket at school? Do you get bullied or teased at school or elsewhere for being so good at it?:

Yes I do play cricket at school but I don’t seem to get ridiculed at all by anybody there, I think everyone accepts that’s what sport I play, nobody gets bullied for playing football so why should cricket be any different they are both sports.

Are you going to be able to handle the fame of being a well known cricketer?:

 If I was lucky enough to become a professional cricketer, I wouldn’t change as a person, I would never forget my roots and where I started. 

What’s it like living on Jersey, a small island?:

It’s good! I enjoy living in Jersey, I get plenty of games of cricket in Jersey and it’s never to far to travel to get to any training or matches.  But on the other hand I know that if I want to make a living of my cricket I will have to leave the Island at some stage .

What brands of fashion do you like wearing, can you get most of it on the island or do you find yourself going over to the mainland for shopping?:

I usually shop online due to cost of clothing in comparison to cost on the island. I usually like quite sports based brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance etc. But also like to wear brands like Ellesse and Supreme. 

How would you encourage any boy who is thinking of becoming a professional cricketer to achieve his goals?: 

First of all I would tell them to get involved in the community courses run by their local equivalent to the Jersey Cricket Board, then through that you can start to get involved in the junior age group system, then if you perform well you may be given a chance at a county. All I would say is to put in as much hard work and  effort as you possibly can, practice as much as possible and that will start to improve you as a cricketer.

When you get to 16 will you be staying on in education and going to university or concentrating solely on your cricketing career?:

At 16 I am hoping to finish my education in the UK so I can be closer to Sussex which is the county I’m currently involved with.

What other hobbies or interests do you have?:

In the little spare time that I actually have I enjoy playing golf, I’ve started playing quite a lot of golf recently and I think it’s a good way to get away and from the sport that you are involved in and can really help you relax.

Tell us a bit about your family, brothers, sisters, parents, etc, what do they do for a living etc, any other budding sports personalities in your family?:

I am an only child, my Mum is a director at a mortgage brokerage and my Dad is a Telecoms Engineer, they are both very supportive and my Dad has dedicate a lot of time to coaching me from a very young age and I would certainly give him a lot of credit in helping me get to where I am today. My Dad and my uncle both used to play cricket and football for Jersey for many years.