Creating new LEGO ideas

You don’t have to be an adult to design new LEGO sets, you know! Eleven year old Ben Fisher from England is trying to persuade LEGO to develop his idea for model Land Rovers into reality. Here is his story….

“It all started when my dad and I were sorting out my LEGO bricks and came across a V8 engine piece, and decided to build a V8 engine, but on a bigger scale. Next, we thought of cars that we could put the engine into, and we came up with a Land Rover Series III and we thought “Hold on a minute, LEGO haven’t done a Land Rover.”

We had recently seen the TV documentary ‘The Secret World of Lego’ and we decided to submit it onto the Lego Ideas website, and things have just escalated from there. Now we have the original Series III, an upgraded Series III, a Defender, a Series II and we are currently working on a County Model.

There are so many things people want us to alter or upgrade and even add new models such as police and ambulance Land Rovers, that we will never finish doing people’s requests. My mum, Linda, has really helped us get the supporters we have, with organizing our places at Lego and Land Rover shows, as well as replying to people’s comments and posting on more forums than I can count.

Meanwhile me and my dad (the DadandLad team) have been constantly thinking of upgrades, completing requests and thinking of ways to get more supporters. We were all amazed when we appeared in Land Rover Monthly. Whenever we are out and about we stick leaflets on any Land Rovers we see, so please go on the Lego Ideas website and support us now! Here is the link:-

UPDATE: Since we published Ben’s article, the Lego Land Rover project met it’s target of 10K supporters and is now in the review stage of Lego’s design system. We will keep you all posted!