Billy Monger – Talented Young Motor Racing Driver – #billywhizz

Motorsport fans are coming to terms with the aftermath of a serious accident that occurred on Easter Sunday 2017, in the British Formula F4 Championship race at Donington Park. The races, shown live on UK television, are a support series to the main British Touring Car Championship series.

Billy Monger, a successful Ginetta Junior driver and multiple karting champion, now aged 17, was racing in a queue of traffic when he was forced to pull over to avoid one collision, but unfortunately collided into the rear of another car which was pulling over to stop which was being driven by Patrick Pasma. The resulting chaos saw an immediate red flag, and it was clear that Billy was in some difficulty, stuck in the wreckage of his car.

It took 90 minutes to free him and he was recovered by air ambulance to a nearby hospital, where sadly he had to have both his lower legs amputated as a result of his injuries.

The accident was seen by thousands at close range, as the television coverage was, at the moment of impact, broadcasting a feed from Billy’s onboard camera.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up by Billy’s racing team, JHR Developments, to raise funds for Billy’s rehabilitation as he faces into his future.

All of us at BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE would like to take this opportunity to wish Billy Monger, his family, friends, team, supporters, etc., the very best and a speedy recovery to one of the best young motorsport talents in the world.

The Formula F4 series is open to drivers aged 15 upwards. Lucca Allen, who featured in the very first issue of BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE, is hoping to race in the series later in 2017.

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UPDATE: Boystuff Magazine organised a Digital 18th Birthday Card for Billy Monger, which was signed electronically by fans via our website, and a printed copy was duly delivered to Billy on his birthday on 5th May 2017 at the QMC. The day after that, Billy was discharged from hospital and allowed to return home. Read more here:

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Review by Michael Birchall – UK.

For many years I had been wanting to go to London to see the musical version of one of the best social-realism movies ever made – Billy Elliot. The original movie came out in 2000 and was an instant global success for director Stephen Daldry and main child star Jamie Bell. Set amongst the coal mines of 1980’s north-eastern England, the film told the story of how one boy sought to become a ballet dancer  – with all his friends and family struggling to come to terms with his choice of career until further into the film, when his Dad realises that Billy does indeed have talent.

I was therefore delighted to find out that Billy Elliot – The Musical, with it’s full cast and music by Elton John, would be on in Dublin over the summer, when I would be in the city visiting family. So I persuaded my family to book the tickets and we duly went to see the performance on a glorious Friday evening at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre which is in the Grand Canal Docks area of Dublin. I have to report that this theatre is undoubtably one of the best in the world – you got a clear view of the stage no matter where you were sitting. It was, like most of the performances that happened in this Dublin run, packed to capacity and I learned afterwards that every single performance had ended with standing ovations and encores – and well deserved too in my opinion!

In general what happens on the stage during the performance more or less follows what happens in the movie, with the wonderful addition of music and dance routines, some of which are extremely emotional indeed. There are also many funny scenes included as well, I particularly liked the one where Billy meets his best friend and they try on ballet costumes in secret! The music and dance routines make the production really magical and special, if you do get to see this show somewhere, be prepared for the best!

For this tour, the company consists of four boys playing the part of Billy in rotation (due to employment laws in relation to using child actors and the amount of time each boy can legally spend working each day). There are also several different rotating actors for most of the other roles too. The set and backdrops are all based on the original London show – built slightly smaller to fit in these smaller stages that the Tour is currently using. The set is fully automated and this reduces the length of time in between acts – as the scenery changes constantly throughout the three hour show.

I can highly recommend this show! It is on in the following locations over the coming months: Edinburgh, Bristol, Manchester, Southampton and Birmingham. After that it is planned to bring the show on a possible pan-European Tour as well as to other locations in the rest of the world. It makes for a fun day or evening out – and is suitable for all ages – even your parents will enjoy it! There are gifts and clothing available online and at the shows alongside books and other items. See: for full details!

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Members: Leondre Devries & Charlie Lenehan

Bars and Melody (also known as BAM) are a British singing/rapping duo consisting of rapper Leondre Devries (“Bars”) and singer Charlie Lenehan (“Melody”). They took part in the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. During their audition, they were automatically sent into the semi-finals of the competition after the head judge, Simon Cowell, pressed the “golden buzzer,” a new feature introduced in the eighth series. They ultimately finished in third place in the series.

After the show, Bars and Melody signed a record deal with Syco Music. Their debut single, “Hopeful”, was released on 25 July 2014 and peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart. They brought out a new song, “Shining Star”, on 30 July 2014; this was an extra to their acoustic version of “Hopeful”.

Bars and Melody released their debut studio album 143 on 21 August 2015. It debuted at number four in the UK. They refer to their fans as “Bambinos.


2013–14: Formation and Britain’s Got Talent
Devries and Lenehan first met in September 2013 on Facebook, after Devries had seen Lenehan’s solo performances. They first met in person in January 2014 and decided to form a music duo as Bars and Melody, or B.A.M.

On 8 February 2014, Bars and Melody auditioned in Manchester for the eighth series of Britain’s Got Talent. They performed a song based on Twista and Faith Evans’ “Hope”, with Devries replacing the original verses with ones protesting against bullying. After the audition, the audience began chanting “Push the gold!” and Simon Cowell responded by pressing the golden buzzer, sending them through straight through to the live semi-finals. Their audition has since been viewed on YouTube more than 100 million times.

Before the semi-finals, the boys were interviewed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the United States, and numerous adverts were posted on Facebook. They advertised Britain’s Got Talent and themselves, as well as performing their audition piece.[6] In the BGT semi-final on 29 May, they performed Puff Daddy and Faith Evans’ “I’ll Be Missing You”, coupled with new verses about someone who had recently lost a friend; audience members were given candles to wave during the performance. They won their semi-final and progressed through to the final.

In the final, they performed the song they sang in their first audition and ultimately finished third behind Lucy Kay and Collabro.

Despite not winning, it was reported that Bars and Melody were set to sign a £500,000 record deal. On 15 June 2014, it was announced that they had signed an initial one-single deal with Simon Cowell’s record label, Syco. The music video of their song “Hopeful” was released on YouTube on 7 July 2014. Their debut single was released on 27 July 2014 and went straight to number five on the UK Singles Chart. To promote the song, they appeared on television shows such as This Morning and Good Morning Britain as well as The Official Chart on BBC Radio 1.

Bars and Melody also participated in their first HMV signing tour to promote ‘Hopeful’. They released the song “Shining Star”, which came out as part of Hopeful Acoustic. In 2015, B.A.M released a new single called “Keep Smiling”; it was released on 16 February 2015 and peaked at 52 in the Official Charts Company. The duo went on their debut headline tour, the ‘Stay Strong Tour’, in March/April 2015 to preview songs from their then upcoming album. Their third official single, “Stay Strong”, coincided with the tour and was released alongside a music video on 6 April 2015. Two physical editions of the CD could be purchased with each one containing an image of either Charlie or Leondre. They also participated in a second HMV signing tour for promotion.

They released their fourth single “Beautiful” in June 2015 alongside a music video. The boys released their debut album, 143, on 21 August 2015. It peaked at number four on the UK Albums Chart on 28 August 2015. To promote the album they participated in a third HMV signing tour across the UK. Preceding the album was their ‘Summer 2015 Tour’ which was a United Kingdom only tour to preview songs from 143. This was followed in November by the 143 Album Tour, their third tour overall but first following the release of their debut studio album. This tour was Bars and Melody’s first world tour, featuring dates in Poland and the Netherlands.

Following a guest presenting stint in 2014, Bars and Melody appear as main presenters on CBBC show Friday Download. They also participated in the Friday Download movie called Up All Night.


Charlie Lenehan
Charlie-Joe Lenehan-Green (born 27 October 1998) is from Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, England. He lives in Bournemouth with his mother, Karen, and his younger sister, Brooke.

Lenehan first took to the stage at the age of 11 after starting at The Ridings’ Federation Winterbourne International Academy. He was taking part in the school’s Rock Island Project, and after forming a band with his schoolmates, was chosen as the singer. Following this, his teachers commented on his talent. According to his mother Karen, a teacher came up to her on parents’ evening and asked, “Have you heard your Charlie sing? He’s really good.” This comment really surprised her, as no one in the family had ever been a singer. After unearthing his hidden talent, his grandfather, Dennis, bought him a microphone and speakers.

Lenehan, also writes his own music, later put up videos of himself singing on Facebook and YouTube, some of which attracted 50,000 hits – and was contacted by Devries, who was impressed with his work. The pair started chatting and in January 2014 started to meet up and practice together.

Leondre Devries
Leondre Antonio Devries (born 6 October 2000) is from Port Talbot, Neath Port Talbot, Wales. Devries lives with his mother Victoria. He has a younger sister, Tilly, and three older brothers, Jacob, Ben and Joey. Joey was part of the boy band Overload Generation who participated in the eleventh series of The X Factor. Devries has spoken openly about his experiences of bullying at a young age.

Previously he rapped solo under the stage name ‘Little Dre’.

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Why manage on pocket money alone when you can make money by being a teenage businessman? OK not every boy is going to be able to achieve this goal but for those who do the results can be quite interesting. BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE asked one such lad to reveal how he managed to make a success of a business idea….

Name: Jack Manning

Year of birth: 1999

Month of birth: March

Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite food: Steak and chips

So you are a successful teenage entrepreneur? Describe in great detail exactly how you managed to get to where you are today?

I wouldn’t go as far saying successful yet! I’ve only really been in the business a year now so I have still a lot to learn and a lot to do before I think I could be called a success! I managed to get to where I am today by being exposed to positive and supportive people. These people would include my friends, family and mentors. It is very difficult to guide your own ship all by yourself so I think it is so important to try to listen to other people and hear their perspectives. That’s why it is so important to build your network early on.

I like the advantages of being your own boss. You’re not a slave to anyone else and you can do what you choose. I remember having a summer job just for a few weeks a few years ago and I can remember thinking “How does anyone do this for so long?”. It can often give you financial independence and more control over your own life. This is one of the main reasons why I love entrepreneurship so much. I also love it because of the varying tasks and goals. You are never just doing one thing and most importantly you’re not limited to one specific field such as careers in medicine, law or teaching. Find your passion, get good at it and work as hard as you can and you will succeed. I try to follow this as much as possible.

I have always been into business but I don’t think I fully realised it until last year. I always considered myself to be a bit of a computer nerd so I should probably do computer science or electronic engineering but after Transition year (a school year in second level education in Ireland where students get to focus on other aspects of life and hobbies instead of academics) it made me realise I truly had a passion for business but in particular tech startups.

I don’t think anyone reaches the top unless they are willing to work hard and sacrifice things. You must really be dedicated to your business and spend time with it. Anyone can set up a business but most fail. Working hard and sacrificing will reduce failure rates. Another major thing is having a good team. Your team should be full of people with different skill sets just like a football team. A team with 11 world class goalkeepers isn’t any good! Anyway, you get the idea.

I set up JC-Learn with my two friends after we sat our Junior Certificate (an Irish exam) and received 30 A’s. I wanted to create a membership based website which provided me with a residual income and something I could continue during my leaving cert (another school exam which decides entrance to University). So that is why we choose a web based business as we can work on it remotely and we don’t have to be physically present at certain times. It has really worked better than we expected with over a few thousand users and we are now working on the Leaving Cert version. We all learnt a lot especially about e-commerce and online marketing so I then set up my latest venture  which is an e-commerce store selling Pokemon Go accessories. For both ventures, we were lucky to have good business mentors who could guide us along the way and give us their tips.

Can you reveal in generic terms how much money any other boy who might be considering becoming as successful as yourself might earn?

I think for any boy looking to make a few quid on his own is already on very good footing. It shows initiative and it shows that you just don’t want to be handed everything by your parents. So you are already pretty much half way there. I think you need to have a great deal of confidence and self-belief to even decide that so the next thing is the idea. A lot of studies have shown that the idea won’t be the main contribution to success in a business so a decent idea with very good execution and timing will be good enough. So don’t worry about the idea a whole bunch. Google “Teen business ideas” and that should provide a start!

The amount of money you get out is probably quite proportional to the amount of effort and work you put in. Obviously, there is always going to be a luck factor but for small businesses, if you’re smart and research well you can certainly make a good bit more than your current pocket money. I also would say that setting up a business just for the money is a bad thing. You should do it because you love it and are passionate about your idea and team. As much as you like to think its money isn’t the most powerful motivator. Most great companies aren’t set up just to make a profit but to make a change as well.

Setting up your own business also has its own bonuses besides from the money. You get way more experience instead of working in say a shop for example and it sounds fantastic on any CV or resume. You also learn real life skills applicable in many different fields such as budgeting, branding, customer feedback!

What advice would you give to any other boy who would like to be a successful entrepreneur?

A. I have three main pieces of advice. Work hard, build a great team and always make a well-researched plan. Doing this can avoid unnecessary loss of capital and wasted time so always do these three things! If anyone ever wants to ask for advice or just say Hi then can get me on or @jack_manning99 on twitter.

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Kick the ball, lad!


Year of birth: 2004.

Month of birth: July.

Height: 4ft 8inches

Waist size: 26 inches

Weight: 5 stone 8 pounds

Favourite colour: Red/Blue

Favourite food: Chicken/Pasta

Ben Stevely is a twelve year old footballer from England. He has been playing the game since the age of 5 and currently plays for a team called Layton Juniors in Lancashire. He dreams of becoming the next Lionel Messi and football is rarely away from his thoughts.

To get to this level Ben now trains twice a week and during the season plays on both weekend days every week. Add to this going into Year 8 of High School and it all adds up to a busy week for this football mad lad who is also into Keep Fit, reading and computers, amongst other things.

The most obvious question to ask any football loving boy is who his favourite teams are, and Ben’s are Liverpool and Barcelona.

When not kitted out in football shorts and shirts Ben likes to wear sporting clothing from Adidas, Nike and North Face. His advice to any other boy who wants to become a professional footballer is to try their hardest, never give up, keep practising and above all believe in themselves.

With that level of advice Ben is off to play for his local team once more. Maybe we will see him featuring in Premiership Football in the future, who knows?

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Being an actor or a model can be great fun for any boy of any age. You can make money out of it or simply enjoy the experiences it can bring. And in later life you can choose to be a full time professional actor or just be a casual jobbing part-time model. BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE spoke to two of the world’s current finest actors/models to get their take on things….

Name: Kaiden Scott

Current height: 5’0″

Current waist size: 24″

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Angel Food Cake

So you have already had a lot of acting experiences. Tell us about this, which ones have been your favourites?

I started when I was eight years old and I’m eleven years old now. I loved pretending when I was little and my parents encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. We were getting birthday pictures and the photographer said “Have you ever considered being an actor?” My parents said “Do you want to give it a try?” I said “Sure! Shortly after I signed with my first agency, Heyman Talent.” 

I’ve done a lot of student films, one of them was called One Stop Shop. It was a lot of fun because it filmed in the Village Ice Cream Parlor. I got to eat a lot of candy and it was the store where movies were made like Milk Money with Melanie Griffith. 

I was only in one scene of the movie Dormant but it was an investigation scene so it was really fun. I also really had fun in the movie Cecil, even though I had to play a bully. I got to ride my bike and I made a lot of new friends.

What advice would you give to any other budding boy actors?

When it’s tough, just stay with it. Go for what you believe in and stay following your dreams. There are ups and downs, but for the most part it’s pretty fun. You can’t quit, because you never know if the next big thing is just around the corner. 

Even if you have a natural gift, you still need to run lines and work hard so you don’t mess up in the audition. You want to be able to deliver your lines naturally and be believable. Get some coaching and don’t settle because you need a coach that works with you and helps you feel comfortable with your training.

How versatile an actor do you think you can be, for example if a script contains something that is really random or off the wall would you still be able to do it?

I can do anything they throw at me, but I definitely love comedy best. It comes really easily to me, because I love making people laugh. I can do drama, though. I can do anything if I work hard at it and do my best. I can’t wait to start the new crime drama, SINS. 

You also have model looks. What brands of fashion do you like wearing or is it a case of you will wear anything?

I am super casual – t-shirt and shorts. If I dress up, I really like Helix jeans for the way they fit and they look great. I also like skater clothes, like DC, Hurley and Tony Hawk. I prefer living in my flipflops, though. If I’m comfortable, I’m happy and can focus on the job not my clothes.

Have you ever experienced bullying in relation to your acting career and the success you have already had to date? If so what type of bullying has it been and how has it affected you. What do you think of those bullies?

Of course I have! Well, it was before I was professionally acting. I was in public school and was in a great Magnet school for art and music. In second grade, though there was a boy that would push me into the wall and land on me on purpose on the carpet at circle time. They pulled my feet out from me when I was going up the slides. My mom talked to my teacher, my principal and the school board. The teacher ended up quitting because she didn’t feel she could keep her class safe. The principal asked what I did to provoke them. The board just said I could change classrooms. So my moms decided to homeschool me. That has made it a lot easier to act, because I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule and I never miss school to act. 

If you have been bullied or are being bullied, keep your chin up. It gets better. Make sure you don’t ever give up. 

Name: Swann Nambotin

Year of birth: 2002

Place of birth: Revonnas, France

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Pizza

Swann Nambotin is now 14 and has come to the attention of millions of television viewers through his portrayal of the character Victor in the multi-award winning French television drama series called Les Revenants (The Returned). Prior to that he was cast in the remake of one of the best children’s movies of all time – War of the Buttons.

Being in high demand Swann was too busy to answer our usual set of questions but he did agree to allow BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE to publish a set photograph along with some details about his role in the series and his plans for the future, which ultimately include playing a major role in a movie franchise. He does admit to be quite surprised by the level of interest in him since the series went live – he has become something of a major celebrity throughout France and the entire world.

The novelist Stephen King has been quoted as saying that Swann Nambotin is one of the very best child actors, not only of the here and now, but of all time. Taking all that on board when you are only 12 was something Swann found difficult initially but he says he has got used to it now, and can handle the fame and fortune quite well nowadays. Not that he gets to spend much – it is all controlled by his family until he turns 18!

Swann has got advice for any boy who wants to make it into the movie or television industry – work hard and never be afraid to do exactly what it says in the script – follow this advice and you will be able and ready for anything. He says that there was one scene where he had to appear wearing very little, that took some getting used to but once he tried it he found it easy from then on. The only problem was that it was a very cold day when that particular scene was shot and he found it difficult keeping warm!

One final thing that Swann says you have to get used to is seeing your face on billboards, DVD covers, magazine articles and television guides everywhere. That can be daunting to start off with but then becomes second nature as time goes on. Nowadays he doesn’t even notice most of the media attention – it just passes him by. But he has found people waiting for him when he does simple things like going to school or doing shopping with his family at the local hypermarket – but he says he doesn’t really mind interacting with fans so long as they don’t stalk him back to his house.

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Creating new LEGO ideas

You don’t have to be an adult to design new LEGO sets, you know! Eleven year old Ben Fisher from England is trying to persuade LEGO to develop his idea for model Land Rovers into reality. Here is his story….

“It all started when my dad and I were sorting out my LEGO bricks and came across a V8 engine piece, and decided to build a V8 engine, but on a bigger scale. Next, we thought of cars that we could put the engine into, and we came up with a Land Rover Series III and we thought “Hold on a minute, LEGO haven’t done a Land Rover.”

We had recently seen the TV documentary ‘The Secret World of Lego’ and we decided to submit it onto the Lego Ideas website, and things have just escalated from there. Now we have the original Series III, an upgraded Series III, a Defender, a Series II and we are currently working on a County Model.

There are so many things people want us to alter or upgrade and even add new models such as police and ambulance Land Rovers, that we will never finish doing people’s requests. My mum, Linda, has really helped us get the supporters we have, with organizing our places at Lego and Land Rover shows, as well as replying to people’s comments and posting on more forums than I can count.

Meanwhile me and my dad (the DadandLad team) have been constantly thinking of upgrades, completing requests and thinking of ways to get more supporters. We were all amazed when we appeared in Land Rover Monthly. Whenever we are out and about we stick leaflets on any Land Rovers we see, so please go on the Lego Ideas website and support us now! Here is the link:-

UPDATE: Since we published Ben’s article, the Lego Land Rover project met it’s target of 10K supporters and is now in the review stage of Lego’s design system. We will keep you all posted!

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The game of Cricket originates from the UK, where it is still very popular today, and it is also popular in various other parts of the world as well. On the small island of Jersey, which is located off the north coast of France, a 15 year old schoolboy was recently selected to play for the island’s National Cricket Team. We asked Harrison Carlyon to talk about his involvement with this most interesting form of sport…

Name: Harrison Carlyon

Year of birth: 2001

Month of birth: January

Place of birth: Jersey (Channel Islands)

Current height: 5ft 9in

Current weight: 9 1/2 stone

Waist size: 30

Favourite colour: Red 

Favourite food: Pasta 

Age when you first officially played cricket:

8 years old (Jersey Under 10’s)

How did you get involved with cricket?:

I first got into cricket through my dad who played for Jersey for many years.

Explain the basics of cricket for those that do not know?:

Basically, cricket is a game played on a pitch that is 22 yards long, you have 11 players in either side, one team will field whilst the other team bats, a bowler will bowl to one of the two batsman from the batting team and they will try to hit the ball and stop the bowler getting them out, if they hit it the batsman can choose to run as many times as they can (unless it goes over the boundary line which mean’s it’s a boundary) before the fielders get the ball back to the stumps or catch them if they hit it in the air.

You are presumably hoping to become a full time professional cricketer in the near future?:

Yes, that is the goal, at the minute I’m involved with Sussex County Cricket junior set up so if all goes well that has the ability to lead me towards the professional side of the game. 

Do you play cricket at school? Do you get bullied or teased at school or elsewhere for being so good at it?:

Yes I do play cricket at school but I don’t seem to get ridiculed at all by anybody there, I think everyone accepts that’s what sport I play, nobody gets bullied for playing football so why should cricket be any different they are both sports.

Are you going to be able to handle the fame of being a well known cricketer?:

 If I was lucky enough to become a professional cricketer, I wouldn’t change as a person, I would never forget my roots and where I started. 

What’s it like living on Jersey, a small island?:

It’s good! I enjoy living in Jersey, I get plenty of games of cricket in Jersey and it’s never to far to travel to get to any training or matches.  But on the other hand I know that if I want to make a living of my cricket I will have to leave the Island at some stage .

What brands of fashion do you like wearing, can you get most of it on the island or do you find yourself going over to the mainland for shopping?:

I usually shop online due to cost of clothing in comparison to cost on the island. I usually like quite sports based brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance etc. But also like to wear brands like Ellesse and Supreme. 

How would you encourage any boy who is thinking of becoming a professional cricketer to achieve his goals?: 

First of all I would tell them to get involved in the community courses run by their local equivalent to the Jersey Cricket Board, then through that you can start to get involved in the junior age group system, then if you perform well you may be given a chance at a county. All I would say is to put in as much hard work and  effort as you possibly can, practice as much as possible and that will start to improve you as a cricketer.

When you get to 16 will you be staying on in education and going to university or concentrating solely on your cricketing career?:

At 16 I am hoping to finish my education in the UK so I can be closer to Sussex which is the county I’m currently involved with.

What other hobbies or interests do you have?:

In the little spare time that I actually have I enjoy playing golf, I’ve started playing quite a lot of golf recently and I think it’s a good way to get away and from the sport that you are involved in and can really help you relax.

Tell us a bit about your family, brothers, sisters, parents, etc, what do they do for a living etc, any other budding sports personalities in your family?:

I am an only child, my Mum is a director at a mortgage brokerage and my Dad is a Telecoms Engineer, they are both very supportive and my Dad has dedicate a lot of time to coaching me from a very young age and I would certainly give him a lot of credit in helping me get to where I am today. My Dad and my uncle both used to play cricket and football for Jersey for many years.

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We all wear it, but it is not a topic that is usually discussed much. But there are some fantastic ranges and styles of underwear for boys out there at the moment! BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE takes you through some of the world’s best and most interesting underwear choices….

A brief(!) history of boys underwear….

Ask your Dad and chances are he’ll tell you that he never wore boxer briefs or anything fancy like that, more likely briefs or Y-fronts. During the 1950’s, boys underwear was fairly plain, loose shorts, with no patterns. In the 1960’s and 1970’s colours began to emerge but the style went to Y-fronts, A-fronts, and other relatively tight fitting briefs or underpants. That trend continued into the 1980’s and 1990’s although the loose fitting boxer short made a comeback during this period, in various colourful patterns.

Global medical advice during the 2000’s led to todays modern trunks, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks with keyhole fly, hipsters, and the traditional briefs and Y-fronts being designed for better fit and comfort. Most boys wear the trunks or boxer short style underwear these days, except in the Indian sub continent , where most boys still wear briefs.

There is nowadays such a wide range of different manufacturers and patterns, most of them quite colourful and fancy indeed, that it would be impossible to list them all here. So we have chosen a few well known brands for you to peruse, feel free to provide feedback for our next update in a future issue!


Without a doubt, FREEGUN underwear is one of the most colourful and visually effective underwear brands available today. They hold licences for: The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, Haribo, Nerf, KTM, PacMan, Justice League and others. Which means that you can have a pair of trunk style boxer briefs with Haribo sweets pictured upon them, if you wish! You can even upload your own pictures or patterns and have the same trunk style boxer briefs made up especially for you! There were 214 different patterns on the FREEGUN website for boys underwear when BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE checked! See: for full details.


Mainly for older boys – there is a large selection of colours and styles including FlexMesh technology designed to keep you cool – available at:


Named after the famous tennis star of the 1970’s, these trunks are also quite colourful and stylish and are fast becoming popular across the western world in particular.

See: – for details.


Long standing fashionable clothing designer who make various styles of boys underwear – available in your local luxury store but not on the main TH website….


German underwear company providing a range of solid colour underwear for boys –



Traditional American underwear company providing basic and classic styles.



Very well known and long established UK clothing supplier and famous for underwear including St Michael and Autograph ranges. See:


A colourful range of boys trunks from this Spanish firm. See:


A Dutch firm providing basic underwear for boys. See:


UK and Ireland chain providing a large variety of trunks with keyhole fly style boys underwear at affordable prices, in store, not on website.


Makes a large range of underwear suitable for the older boy. See:


Offers a range of trunks and boxers for the older boy: See


Retro style boys briefs based on 1960’s patterns with modern technology. See:


Popular US brand of underwear for all ages and all styles. See:


Three affordable UK supermarket brands of clothing which include boys underwear in various styles. The George range is also available in the US at Walmart.,default,sc.html


A new range of organic cotton underwear for boys, from New York City.



Australian manufacturer and supplier of boys underwear in various styles, colours and patterns.



American luxury brand of boys underwear including the POLO range.



UK department store own brand boys underwear. See:


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For any boy who is interested in Motorsport, getting started is often a dream that is out of the reach of most except the lucky few. Motorsport does cost a lot of money to get involved with, you rely on sponsorship and a lot of luck, together with the support of your friends and family. But the idea of hurtling around a race track at speed, despite the fact that doing that alone would alarm most parents, appeals to boys like Lucca Allen, who is from Ireland, and who has his eyes very firmly set on making it all the way to the top – as in becoming a Formula One driver.

BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE got in touch with 14 year old Lucca, who during 2016 continues to enjoy success in the local Karting scene. Lucca is the youngest son of Rachel Allen, who is a well known celebrity chef in Ireland, having written several cookery books and presented on television too. The Allen family are all involved in the cookery or restaurant trade, having set up the Ballymaloe brand some years ago. Here is what Lucca has to say:

Name: Lucca Allen.

Year of birth: 2002.

Month of birth: June.

Current height: 5f 10’’.

Current waist size: 28’’.

Current weight: 59kg.

What age were you when you took part in your very first competitive motor race?

I was 9 years old when I first started racing Cadet karts.

What age were you when you won your first competitive motor race?

I think I was 10 or 11 when I got my first win in my second year racing. I was 12 when I won my first national championship.

What age were you when you first drove a car of any sort and what type of car was it?

I live on a farm so I started driving the lawnmower and small tractors from quite a young age. When I was 10 I got an old Hyundai i30 for a couple of hundred pounds which I used to race around the fields. 

Have you ever suffered from any serious bullying or banter from other children as a result of being a well known young motorsports star?

Fortunately no, but of course there is always a bit of friendly but sometimes heated rivalry at the track at race weekends!! But of course we all shake hands at the end of the weekend and look forward to the next meeting.

What would you say to any other boy out there who seriously wants to get involved with motorsports but does not really know how to do so?

Karting is really the only place to start if you are younger than 15. I would suggest you do the same as I did which was to buy a cheap second kart that’s just good enough to race and if you like it and decide to continue you can slowly start upgrading it bit by bit with a newer engine, chassis etc until you have a competitive race winning kart. Having a Dad or uncle who knows a bit about mechanics is also a great help and can keep costs down a bit.

Who are your Motorsport heroes, for example Formula One stars, etc?

For me anyone that gets to formula one is a hero. All 22 drivers on the grid are world class but one of my favourites from the past would have to be Eddie Irvine, great character and an amazing driver.

Name any other well known Motorsport people that you have actually met?

I met Mika Hakkinen at Nice airport once. I got his autograph after I nervously walked up and greeted myself!

Where do you get your racing suit from, and are you at the stage yet where you have to wear protective flameproof underwear?

FreeM Italia or Sparco! In karting we don’t need to wear any flameproof under clothing. 

Tell our readers about all the different parts of your racing suit including all protection aids that you wear?

A well made suit will always fit you better and can make a big difference to your comfort in the car, it’s worth spending a little extra on a good suite. The dense material that the suits are made from make them almost impossible to tear and you then have extra padding on venerable areas like knees, elbows and shoulders. I also wear a separate solid rib protector under my suit. 

Tell our readers about how you managed to get sponsorship, and how any other boys who wants to get involved in motorsports might be able to obtain sponsorship?

Getting sponsorship is not only about how you preform on track but it depends on your social behaviour, how you present yourself and your character also! I try my best to be always smiling and be good representative for my sponsors. Luckily a few of my sponsors come from our family businesses! . There is a great on line sponsorship course by a guy called Brian Sims you can buy for about £115. I’ve found that really helpful. You will find it at .

Your Mother is a well known celebrity chef, so obviously your diet is spot on. This will bode well for your future plans to get into Formula One, you would agree?

Absolutely, even at the stage I’m at, at the moment it’s incredible how seriously everyone takes fitness and nutrition. If you can’t to compete at your peek for the whole weekend you simply have to be super fit and super healthy 

What is your favourite dish as prepared by your Mother?

A nice juicy Sirloin steak with Bearnaise sauce. And see my recipe for my home made burger with Ballymaloe relish – it’s really nice!

You are hoping to progress to Formula One via Ginetta Juniors, and which other series, Formula MSA and others (please name)?

Yes, Ginetta seems to be the perfect steeping stone to the bigger single seater formulas. So after a year or two in Ginettas I would hope to be racing MSA Formula Ford (or Formula 4) onto F3 then onto GP2. There are many different paths but that seems to be the most common! Or I might jump straight to Formula 4 next year when I turn 15 as that is the minimum age for that particular single-seater class.

So you could become Ireland’s next Formula One star before you leave your teenage years? Will you be able to cope with the fame and fortune that comes with that?

If I do make it to Formula 1, I reckon I’ll be able to cope with anything. Especially  the fame and fortune. 

In terms of your fashion likes, what brand names do you like wearing?

For casual occasions I like to shop in TOPMAN or River Island for clothes and Footlocker or JD for shoes. But if I need something smart to wear Brown Thomas have a great selection of designer brands! (Editor’s note: for those that are not from Ireland, Brown Thomas is a high street department store stocking multiple designer brands!).

So Lucca is very much hoping to follow in the footsteps of other boys who are on similar pathways to fame and fortune, the most recent and well known of which would have to be Max Verstappen, the 18 year old Dutch Formula One superstar who not only became the youngest ever person to be given a seat in that Formula, but who became the youngest ever winner of an F1 race by winning the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016!

The latest news about Lucca Allen is that he will be racing in Formula F4 in the United Kingdom from July 2017, coverage of which will be on UK television channel ITV4 (which is available online).

BOYSTUFF MAGAZINE wishes Lucca all the very best in his future career, and we hope to be able to catch up with him in later issues as he makes progress through the ranks. We also hope to feature other Motorsport boys as time progresses, and we hope that this article has inspired any other boys who would like to get involved in Motorsport!

Lucca’s Beef Burger with Ballymaloe Relish

 Serves 4 – 6 people

• 15g butter

• 450g minced beef

• 110g chopped onions

• 2 tbsp Ballymaloe Country Relish

• Salt and freshly ground pepper

• 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves, chopped

• 1 egg, beaten (ideally free range)

• 55g flour, seasoned

• Olive oil for frying

Melt the butter in a pan, add the onions, cover and sweat until soft. Allow to cool and then mix in a bowl with all the other ingredients. Cook a little of the mixture in a pan and taste to check seasoning. Shape into burgers and toss in seasoned flour, patting off excess. Fry at a medium heat, turning as required until fully cooked.

Serve on a toasted bun with cheese shavings, lettuce and a dollop of Ballymaloe Relish. Delicious!

Posted by Michael Birchall
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