Our Digital 18th Birthday Card for Billy Monger!

Many of you will know that Billy Monger, the talented British motor racing driver, sadly had to have amputations to both legs following his massive crash at Donington Park on Easter Sunday 2017.

The picture below says it all, and happily, proves that Billy is very much alive, well, and rearing to go. He has publicly said that he will return to motor racing as soon as he possible can, which is very encouraging news for all his fans (and judging by the outpouring of support from across the world following his accident, those fans are large in number!).

Here at Boystuff Magazine, we wanted to help Billy have a great 18th Birthday celebration on 5th May 2017, so we asked people to sign (via email) our Digital Card for him. You did, and we managed to make sure that Billy received the printed version of that card on his birthday, which he celebrated whilst still in the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

In the picture above, you can see the Card! It is the large one in the back row with the picture of Billy on the front of it! We were delighted to learn that Billy had got it in time and presumably enjoyed reading through all the birthday wishes and messages of support!

And the good news continued on May 6th 2017 when Billy was discharged from hospital and allowed to return to his home in Surrey. Remarkable recovery for what looked at the time of the accident to be something extremely serious and life-threatening, which it ultimately was. All credit is due to the staff at the QMC for saving Billy’s life, and of course to Billy himself for being such an inspirational and brave young man. All of us here at Boystuff Magazine wish him the very best for now and for the future and we will report on Billy’s progress whenever we can.